Training video for Parkinson´s patients - NTT Tango Therapy

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Structure of the training video

Step by step simply explained exercises. First explained in an easy-to-understand way as an individual exercise and then demonstrated as a couple and in a group with music.

There are preliminary exercises for all tools, which are done without a partner.

You can find the music to practise later as links and Spotify list on our Therapy Music page. You can also simply join in with the exercises during the video.

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Training video for Parkinson's sufferers
It's finally here! The training video for people affected by Parkinson's.

 In 33 minutes of playing time of the video, you can expect 3 neuro-motor preliminary exercises (with many variations for the next years), which are performed in sitting, as well as 2 NeuroTangoTools (NTT) for movement in walking. These tools can also be performed in a sitting position if the exercises of the "straight lines" and the "2-axis system" are slightly modified. For example, you do the weight change of the body on the sitting bones while sitting or the straight lines with the arms. In any case, it is a new experience and training for the brain. This is where the disease originates.
But above all, it is always mentioned and is in the foreground: the fun of these fantastic movements, the NeuroTango Tools (NTT) with music.
Convince yourself of the fast and effective effect of Neurotango as described by hundreds of affected Parkinson's patients. There are trained Neurotango Practitioners throughout Germany and in 14 other countries who successfully teach this method.
Observed improvements in people with Parkinson's disease:
  • More fluid gait
  • Faster reactions and movements
  • Faster thinking and e.g. answers
  • Improved speaking ability
  • More self-confidence
  • Re-use of transport (public or own car)
  • Independence in everyday life
  • More life energy
  • More security through more balance (externally as well as internally)
  • Improved mood in everyday life, fun and good humour
In our YouTube channel "Neurotango Simone Schlafhorst" you will find many examples of people suffering from Parkinson's disease who report how they have experienced many improvements in their symptoms and general quality of life through Neurotango.
Neurotango is possible with or without a dance partner. No previous knowledge of music or dance is required!
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