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Certified professional training Neurotango® Practitioner

Since 2013, therapists, medical professionals and trainers have been trained and certified as "Neurotango® Practitioners" according to the Neurotango® method.

Practitioners, most of whom are already practising as therapists, doctors, alternative practitioners or social workers, use the techniques of tango therapy to complement their work or as an independent therapy concept (e.g. in the field of neurology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, geriatrics or psychotherapy).

Through the training in 2018, with the 1st seminar in Stockholm, the training for "Neurotango® Practitioner " became international. The training consists of theory and practice (the 15 NeuroTango Tools - #NTT), musicality and rhythms of tango (Vals, Tango, Milonga, Neo). In addition, there are didactics for the structure of a tango therapy lesson as well as the conception of a 10-hour tango therapy concept.

Here you will find a list of Neurotango® Practitioners from the different countries .

Neuro-motor concept according to Simone Schlafhorst.

Contents of the training
  • Target groups of Tango Therapy
  • Cognitive, motor and psychological effects of tango therapy
  • practical exercise tools. The #NeurotangoTools for predominantly neurological and motor application areas
  • the Neurotango® concept for neurolog. Areas of application with preliminary exercises from kinesiology and neuro-motor training
  • Psychological Tango Tools for psychological application areas and coaching
  • Theoretical and practical basic knowledge about music in tango
  • Bar patterns with music examples for use in the classroom
  • Structure of a Tango Therapy lesson
  • Structure of a 10-hour concept with individually selectable target group
  • Theoretical basic knowledge about studies and backgrounds of tango therapy
Therapy lessons in the individual specialist areas (e.g. psychotherapy, physiotherapy) may only be carried out by trained therapists. Tango lessons with a preventive function or in the coaching area do not require prior therapeutic training.

Prerequisite: If possible, each participant should already have experience with teaching, working with people, groups or possibly even therapeutic knowledge (from their field). No knowledge of tango, dance or musicality is required. The #NeuroTangTools are techniques that can be inserted into any form of therapy. Training seminars are offered every six months to practice and deepen the techniques, as some tools need practical practice (depending on the level of previous knowledge). This can also be worked out autodidactically or in regular tango courses.

Date: October 25 - October 29, 2023
Place: Online or face-to-face on demand (please ask accordingly by e-mail)
Time: daily 10:00 - 17:00 (UTC - 03:00 or 14:00 - 21:00 MET)
150,00 Euro in advance as registration fee (included in the total amount)
1499,00 Euro total training cost. To be payed 10 days before the seminar.
Deposit/registration fee (included in the price but not refundable in case of cancellation by a participant).

Certified trainings take place as a hybrid seminar
(can be booked online or as a face-to-face seminar).
Registered participants will be invited via Zoom Meeting.


Saturday  June 24, 2023
10:00 - 17:00  Zoom seminar (middle european time)
UTC  +1

Deposit/registration fee:
50,00 Euro (included in the price below)
Introductive day seminar in total: 150,00 Euro
Payment: PayPal or bank transfer

Explanation of the method, target groups, effects,  and practical exercises. Therefore, it would be an advantage to have enough space in front of the screen for the movements in order to participate in the individual exercises. However, this is not a must or a condition for participation.

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