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Neurotango® Practitioner

We are looking for you......
as certified Neurotango® Practitioner

Therapists, trainers and medical doctors have been certified as "Tango Therapy Trainers" according to the Neurotango concept since 2015.

Tango Therapy trainers, who are already practicing as therapists, doctors, naturopaths or social workers (see the list of certified trainers) use the techniques of the Tango therapy to complement their work or as an independent therapy (for example in the field of neurology and geriatrics).

Due to the internationalization of the training in 2018, with the 1st seminar in Stockholm, the training
got a new name and conceptual change. In terms of content, the purely practical portion remained the same in an expanded form. The portions of theory and practice, the musicality and rhythms (Vals, Tango, Milonga, Neo), the teaching of a tango therapy lesson, and the 10-hour tango therapy concept also remain the same.

The internationally standardized, certified title for Tango Therapy Trainer Neurotango® is now:
Practitioner Neurotango®
(*Neurotngo is a registered word mark in Europe)

This seminar will be realized in cooperation with:

The German Physiotherapists Association in Berlin.

Tango Therapy Neurotango®
Neuro-motor Concept by Simone Schlafhorst

Scope of the training:
5 days seminar
with graduation and certificate as „Neurotango® Practitioner“.

- definition of Tango Therapy target groups
- cognitive, motoric and psychic mechanisms of Tango Therapy
- Practical tools for exercises: The 12 TAngo Tools for mainly neurologic a physical fields of application
- Pre exercises for brain or physical preparation from kinesiology and neuro-motor training
- music theory and practical application as well as music examples for direct use
- Psychologic tango tools for mental application fields and coaching
- Set up of a Tango Therapy lesson
- Development of a 10 classes concept for your individual target group
- knowledge about international cientific studies on which the Neurotango® concept is based on

Personal and professional requirements: If possible, each participant should have already experience in teaching or working with groups or should have therapeutical knowledge in his specialized work field. There is no knowledge about Tango, music or dance required.
You will learn to introduce the „Tango Tools“ which are technical exercises with prepared music for each tool. It is not about learning the tango dance. The tango tools can be used in different combinations and for each target group in an individividual and focused scheme to achieve a maximum effect.
To intensify the training for certified Therapists we are offering regulary Training seminars for a reduced seminar price.

We are offering also a Neurotango® Master program for certified Practitioner. As Master you can teach and give seminars in your area or country to multiply Neurotango® Practitioner.

Dates 2020:

Certified Neurotango® Practitioner
5 days seminar: August 24 - 28, 2020

Deutscher Verband für Physiotherapie (ZVK)
Länderverbund Nordost e.V.    
Müllerstr. 56-58,                 
13349 Berlin

Paul Gerhart Stift, Haus B

Time: Every day 10:00 - 17:00.

Course fee: 1300,00 Euro (200,00 Euro of which deposit / registration fee) Snacks and beverages included.

Neurotango® (a registrated word mark in Germany)
Funkengasse 6, 58313 Herdecke
CEO: Simone Schlafhorst
Just call or mail...
Simone Schlafhorst
+49 (0) 173 740 2000
Simone Schlafhorst, Deutsche Bank Düsseldorf
IBAN: DE03 3007 0024 0932 9848 00
BIC:  DEUTDEDBDUE, Reference: "free hug"
Tango Therapy Neurotango ®
German Association Neurotango Therapists

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